Geluidswandeling Francisco López

“untitled #290”

De geluidswandeling van Francisco López is een set van surreële virtuele sonische micro-werelden gemaakt van het originele omgevingsgeluid dat hij heeft opgenomen in het gebied rond de Kop van Zuid en de Erasmusbrug.

“Behind every image, something has disappeared. And that is the source of its fascination. Behind virtual reality in all its forms […] the real has disappeared. And that is what fascinates everyone. According to the official version, we worship the real and the reality principle, but -and this is the source of the current suspense- is it, in fact, the real we worship, or its disappearance?”

Jean Baudrillard – “Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?”
Translated by Chris Turner, Seagull Books 2009

Field recordings are typically viewed and listened to as referential or simulative. My approach with environmental sound matter moves away from this representational perspective and explores, among other aspects, the phenomenological, the textural, and the ineffable.

For the piece/soundwalk “untitled #290” I recorded sound environments from different locations around the Kop van Zuid – Erasmusbrug area in Rotterdam. These materials have been extensively processed, mutated, edited, mixed, and composed into non-representational virtual aural micro-worlds.

The listening of each section (track) of “untitled#290” takes place in the actual location where the original recordings come from. During the listening experience these tracks mix to different degrees with the surrounding environment, at times becoming difficult or nearly impossible to discern between “inside or transformed” and “outside or real” sonic perception.

While millions of people today constantly gather fixed extractions of reality (in the form of photographs or video or sounds) with the specific purpose of somehow perceiving that reality again through an illusion (no mater how beautiful or emotive), some of us work with the realization that those extractions, in fact, are a different “reality” in itself.
Francisco López

Francisco López wordt internationaal gezien als een van de belangrijke figuren van de geluidskunst en experimentele muziek scene. In de afgelopen 30 jaar heeft hij een verbazingwekkend sonisch universum ontwikkeld, absoluut persoonlijk en iconoclastische, gebaseerd op diepgaand luisteren naar de wereld.

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