Geluidswandeling Lee Patterson

“Of steel and water: the city tunes itself”

The soundwalk of Lee Patterson uses sounds from the city, usually unheard. Not the vibrations that bounce off countless new surfaces, but the interior resonance of things old and new. The Nieuwe Maas and Rijnhaven’s underwater world, concealed music of the Erasmusbrug and resonant sewers direct a route and dictate the accompanying compositions.

Working in diverse disciplines including improvised music, field recording, movie soundtracks and installations, Lee Patterson tries to understand his environment using both the naked ear and enhanced hearing. He recently presented work at the MIMI Festival Marseille, the AV Festival Newcastle and The British Art Show 2010: In The Days Of The Comet. Recently, he lived in the Stour Valley Arts Residency in Ashford, Kent, where he installed ‘Elemental Fields’ and realised the open-air performance ‘Fold’.

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