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Over het IJ (EN)

Ticket to Istanbul (English version)

In Amsterdam, thousands of people take the ferry across the River IJ every day. Simultaneously, citizens in Istanbul aboard one of the many ferries across the Bosphorus to get from the Asian part to the European part of the city. During this soundwalk you explore the water, looking for similarities and differences between these two cities.

Many passengers regard the IJ and the Bosphorus not in terms of division but as connecting elements between geographically-separated parts of their lives. Work and home, study and going out, the kids’ school or shopping. For them, the crossing is a moment of peace in their daily urban routine. A chance to stare across the water and dream away to distant shores.

Sail with them and let the special soundtrack entice you. While listening the river IJ will gradually transform into the Bosphorus. When you step off the ferry you are in Istanbul. The walk ends at the Beursplein in the centre of Amsterdam.

By Justin Bennett and Renate Zentschnig

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(Also available in Turkish and Dutch version)

Price: €10,00

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